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Established in 1978, the Tread Rubber and Tire Repair Materials Manufacturers' Group (TRMG) is a team of professionals representing various companies whose goal is to maintain the positive image and credibility of the tire retreading and repair industries in North America.  


We work to achieve this through education, the distribution of information such as industry recommended practices bulletins, and by partnering with tire retread and repair companies, and other organizations committed to and invested in these industries.


Industry Recommended Practices on tire retreading and tire repairing are available through our partner organizations, TRIB and TIA. 

To access these documents, click on the links below

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For information on joining the TRMG, please contact Membership Chairman, Robbie Bushnell at

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The Tread Rubber and Tire Repair Materials Manufacturers’ Group (TRMG), with voluntary participation from member supplier companies, works to produce educational materials, such as Industry Recommended Practices, designed to promote quality practices and processes in the tire retread and tire repair industry.

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